The Uniting Energy team has considerable enthusiasm for and some experience with solar panel installations. All have solar on the roofs of their own homes, and some have become involved with the installation (or current plans for installation) of solar on their own church building. If you are considering having solar installed on your church we would be happy to talk it over with you.

A key topic is, of course, the financing of solar installations. Did you know that Uniting Financial Services currently has a low-cost loan product that covers solar installation? See ‘Schofield Loans’ on the UFS web site for further information.

Uniting Energy team member Brett Wagland is a member of the Willoughby congregation. Willoughby is a relatively large multi-function worship centre, with around 300 regular users. Brett has specified and monitored their solar installation (which was recently upgraded to 30KW) for ??? years. He has also assisted nearby Northbridge (a smaller and more traditional church with a 17KW system), and advised a number of others. Brett is a great enthusiast for solar and all things renewable and would be more than happy to talk your situation over with you.

Email Brett here for more information about solar panel installation.